With the increasing demand for bandwidth , optical network has become inevitable. Thrust Bore Technics Limited [TBT] has endeared itself to building and maintaining optical fibre infrastructure for it’s clients. Optical fiber interconnectivity solutions are also provided.

TBT uses the latest techniques of Micro-tunneling and drilling where optical fibre paths need to cross roads, railways, parkings and other areas where trenching will inconvenience the public. Latest Cable-Blowing techniques have been used where optical cable need to be laid in ducts with speed and over long distances. These techniques have ensured fast and quality deployment of the optical fibre network.

Increased demand for water has endeared us also to build water supply systems. We have been involved in creating last mile water connections to various residential and commercial premises.


Our mission is to pay close attention to fine details while delivering cost-effective services to our clients. Thrust Bore Technics Limited is a company that specializes in : Building optical Fibre Networks and Water Supply Systems.

Our technical team is well equipped with specialized techniques and have demonstrated speed and quality work in the projects that we have undertaken. We are capable of assessing the task at hand and then apply the best way to provide the required service. Additionally, we provide the required service within the required timelines and with the best quality possible.

We consistently bring superior craftsmanship to every project and have been able to impress our clients with quality work. We have built an enviable track record of successfully completing technically demanding projects to meet high standards in difficult working conditions and to very tight programming constraints.

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