We pay close attention to the fine details while delivering cost-effective services to our clients. The customer relationships that we have developed over the years are as important to us as the jobs themselves. From start to finish, every project will receive our utmost care and attention.

Some of our successful projects include;

  • Kenya Data Network [Zain Kenya, Safaricom Projects]
  • Galaxy Engineering Limited, Rwanda
  • Jamii Telecom [Safaricom, Econnet & Equity Bank]
  • Civicon Kenya [KPA Project]
  • Manyota [Telkom (K) Project]
  • Apex Project [KPLC Project]
  • Ujenzi Limited [Street Lighting Project]
  • Cargill Limited [KPLC Project]
  • Kiambu Water & Sewerage Co.
  • Nairobi Water & Sewerage Co.
  • Mombasa Water & Sewerage Co.
  • Kandara Water & Sewerage Co.